Why uS
grooming convenience

Absolute Convenience

We come to You ! You will never have to rearrange your schedule to fit in your pet's grooming appointment.

one on one attention

One-on-One Attention

Your pet receives individual, one-on-one attention. For the entire duration of the grooming session, your pet has my undivided attention.

no seperation anxiety

No Separation Anxiety

Grooming is a much more enjoyable experience for your pet. There is no separation anxiety because your pet never leaves your property.

quite & calm dog

Quiet & Calm

Flying Fur Mobile Pet Grooming offers a quiet, calm, relaxing atmosphere, because there aren't any other pets around.

no waiting

No Waiting

Your pet will not be uncomfortable, and will not have to wait for his turn to get groomed. Plus you don’t need to keep extra waiting time in hand when you think about taking your loved one to the spa.

clean & sanitary

Clean & Sanitary

Extremely clean environment. Your pet will never run the risk of coming into contact with parasites or illnesses that can be spread by other pets.